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Patient Reviews

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Dr. Zeiad Fakhouri is a doctor in the town of Lagrange, of Dutchess County NY. He is a caring, dedicated family doctor who believes in treating patients with a high level of care. Dr. Fakhouri has received reviews not only from general patients, but also recovering addicts who have beat their addictions with the help of the doctor. Read the top reviews below.

Reviews of Dr. Zeiad Fakhouri

“Great doctor. Very understanding of patient circumstances. Does not judge. Great bedside manner and you can tell he loves being a doctor.. I refer many people to him.”

“Saved my daughter’s life. Found a rare cancer and spoke to a cancer specialist at the hospital he is linked with, He got her to be seen the same day, What a good man, what a great Doctor.”

“Dr. Fakhouri and his office staff were terrific. Thorough exam, he listened attentively and I received personal attention. His office staff was friendly and caring. My appointment was right on time. Thank you.”

“I have been dealing with an issue with my insurance company covering medication, Dr.Fahkouri and his staff have been working diligently to resolve the matter. I feel like I have a doctor working with me.”

“Dr.Fakhouri is a very nice doctor who addresses you top medical issues with an assuring voice. He is strongly recommended by myself to anyone looking for a new primary.”

“The best doctor I’ve ever seen. He not only saved my life but has continued to be not only a great doctor to me but also a friend. I can talk to him about anything and he not only listens but gives me great advice but most importantly truly cares.”

“I have to say this after just seeing him today. He helped me cope and treat my “lifelong anxiety” that, before meeting this doctor I was struggling with addictive medications like Xanex. He managed to get me a reasonable plan to come off these medications, and referred mr to the right therapist. I just took the medication that he also gave me today, and for the first time in my life I feel relaxed. Best of all, I don’t need to worry about being hooked on drugs any more. I actually feel so much better, I actually cried from joy! I love this doctor. I cant wait to see him soon and thank him.”

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