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The practice of Dr. Zeiad Fakhouri Medical in Lagrange, New York offers intensive treatment options for patients suffering from addictions. Dr. Fakhouri is currently the only private doctor in Dutchess County that can offer this specific type of addiction treatment. Your Insurance plan may even cover the cost.

Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Are you addicted to alcohol or opiates? Are you having a hard time finding a way to break your addiction to drinking, prescription painkiller medications or other opiate drugs such as codeine, morphine, heroin or oxycontin?  There is a way to break the addiction and stop depending on these drugs, begin healing from the effects, and start living healthy again.

 addictionDr. Fakhouri introduced addiction recovery specialty into his practice, and has experienced great results with patients suffering from addictions. If you are concerned about the cost of treatment, don’t be alarmed. Your insurance may cover the cost to be seen by an addiction doctor in Dutchess County. 

If you are able to visit the office of Dr. Zeiad Fakhouri in Lagrange, NY, and you are committed and serious about beating your addiction, then you are on your way and have made the right choice in getting help. Addictions can be beat. You can beat it, and Dr. Fakhouri can help.

  • Keep your body from wanting alcohol.
  • Stay off drugs and stop relapsing to opioid dependence.

What to Expect

You can be drug and alcohol free with Dr. Fakhouri’s help. Read an article on Addiction Rehabilitation and Recovery by Dr. Fakhouri.

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Dr. Fakhouri works with several insurance plans and coverage for patient care. Visit our Insurance page for details.

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